by J'Kia Tatum


Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, or Biden; waiting up all night to see who would win 2020 election. Looking at the world talking about Biden or Trump when in reality this world is in a major dump. Putting your lives in the hand of a man; when God said the whole world is in His hands. Well, Biden is going to give better healthcare, but didn’t he ride with Obamacare? A healthcare most wasn’t qualified for, and some couldn’t afford on their best day. Well, Trump is causing division between race, but wasn’t racism real before this anyway? Well, Trump doesn’t support Black Lives Matter, but Black people don’t either. Funny Black Lives only Matters when we killed by another race, but we kill each other every day.


Man y’all can have these presidents, because God is my president. It’s nothing a man can do that God can’t stop. There’s not a door a man say he will open that God won’t shut, nor a door man can close that God won’t open. Y’all trust is in the wrong people, and because of that God’s not finish with us. Until this world stop and listen to what God has been saying; this that we going through won’t stop. God don’t see white, black, rich, or poor, because He said in His house every tribe, language, people, and nation will sing a song (Revelation 5:9-10).


God is my President who can stop COVID at the drop of a dime

God is my President who can open a closed door at anytime

God is my President who can turn it all around

God is my President