Your Tongue Can Bring Forth Life Blessings Or Death Curses

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

by J'Kia Tatum

Have you ever said something and then seen it come to pass? Have you ever wondered why you haven’t received something you prayed about? Have you ever noticed things just keep going bad in your life? Have you ever stopped and thought back on what you let come out of your mouth?

Death And Life

Proverbs 18:21 tell us “DEATH AND LIFE IS IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE”. Meaning what you let out of your mouth you can/will receive it. We all tend to say things when we are mad. They say “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. Well I say “It’s not how you say it, it’s what you say” that can stop, and turn your world upside down.

Power Of The Tongue

My mother always said “Don’t ever say you don’t need anybody, cause one day you won’t have anyone when you need them”. Prime example of power of life and death being in the tongue. Let me set something straight before I go on; the word Death doesn’t just means to die and never come back in this matter, it means so much more that would be explained later on. I remember after I lose my 1st child in 2008 when people would ask me “when are you going to have a baby”? I would always reply “I don’t want any kids”, because I was so devastated of losing the 1st one. Lord behold I lose 2 more after that, and when I decided I did want kids that blessing was blocked due to the death I let come out of my mouth. I cried out to God asking for forgiveness, because how could I the one who raised so many kids now say she doesn’t want her own? Now when asked the question I simply say “In God’s Timing”. I speak life over every situation no matter how bad it seem, because you manifest what you say. Now here’s the other definition of DEATH. The tongue is very powerful, and just like the devil himself the tongue can steal, kill, and destroy. The tongue can steal and rob one of their dreams. The tongue kill, it can take someone life with one misinterpreted word. Let’s not forget the tongue can destroy the soul, spirit, and character of one who put so much trust into something or someone.

Ask God To Give You The Words

Have you ever been that child who had a lying parent, or maybe you are that adult who has a lying spouse? You know that one person no matter who they are in your life that tells you what they are going to do for you, but never do it every time they said they are. The power of death from their tongue has now stole your joy; killed your trust, and destroyed your character towards people, because now you come off as a bad person when in reality you are nice you just don’t trust people. THINK before using your words, ask yourself how would this affect you if It was said to you. Don’t make PROMISES you wont keep. Ask God to give you the words to say in bad times. Be careful how you use your tongue, because you can bring forth Life Blessings or Death Curses.