Perfect Doesn't Exist

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

by J'Kia Tatum

I'm Tired

I’M tired of the MEDIA & MEDIOCRE people acting like life is perfect. The ones acting like their life has no flaws, their spouse is “perfect”, kids are “perfect”, family “perfect”, health “perfect”, etc. There’s no such thing as perfect, so STOP PRETENDING. Marriages fail, because everyone act as if there’s no arguments. Families fall apart, because everyone pretend like they did no wrong (shhhh it’s a secret). People get stuck at a job for 40+ years, because they’ve been waiting on the PERFECT time to start their business (see I told you perfect doesn’t exist).

Stop Pretending

When we will stop pretending? Will we ever be real about our lives? The problem everyone have is they don’t want family and friends to know they go through hardship. How do we get through hardship if we are never real about anything? Pretending to be perfect is new day in age Liar. You know the one who lie so much they believe their own lies. That’s how we look when we pretend life is good, but deep down inside you hurt, you are depressed, you trying to please everyone but yourself. Stop changing who you are to satisfy people how doesn’t care enough of what you think of them. Trying to be perfect didn’t start with us. I always say “we pretend to not go through things because of our upbringing”.

What Happens At Home

You know the line “What happens at home stays at home”. Our parents/grandparents act like they never been through stuff, so when we go through it we act as if we don’t; just so we won’t be judged. You know them parents, or maybe you are them parents; you child go through something bad or a heartbreak, and your first words are “Get over it”, “I don’t see how you do it” “It couldn’t be me”. Well guess what at some point it was you, but you been so stuck on PERFECT you forgot you went through the same thing, and it wasn’t that easy to get over it. We wonder why our children don’t want to talk to us when they going through it. The reason is because they can’t relate to anybody that haven’t been through it, so they shut you out and try to get through it on their own. Then we wonder why suicide rates are high. We call out everyone else issues, but not our owns. The ones who call out their friend drinking issue, but didn’t mention how they have a drink for breakfast every day. The ones who call out their friend for dating all the wrong people, but the one you dating is the same as the ones they’ve dealt with.

When we will call out our issues? When we will post those first round of pictures on social media before the edit, shading, 10 do overs? The pictures were your children all looking different ways, the person you with looking mad, seeing how you really look when you “WOKE UP LIKE THIS (Beyonce)”. There’s NO such thing as “PERFECT”. No perfect body, hair, skin, car, mother, father, brother, sister. If the bible didn’t have perfect people what make us think we are suppose to be? Point being STOP PRETENDING TO BE PERFECT, IT DOESN’T EXIST. Start being REAL because PERFECT is fake.