Struggling with Self Image

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

by J'Kia Tatum

Fat, skinny, dark skin, brown skin, short, tall, muscles, no muscles, long hair, short hair, strong, weak. These are all images we put upon ourselves to look like someone else. The struggle becomes real when we start to compare. Why do we struggle with self-image?

Social Media

Because media portray that we should, but this didn’t start with media it started in the garden back in the book of Genesis with Adam and Eve. We know how the story goes; Eve was tricked by the enemy to eat from the tree, and when God came they covered themselves with leaves saying “hold up God my fat showing (okay that’s not how it went)”, but they did say“I’m Naked”. The covering of leaves began the start of self-image.

The Struggle

We were created all different so why try to be the same just to up hold the attention of people who really doesn’t care about us? If you struggle with self-image remind yourself being different is better than looking like everyone else. I use to struggle with this myself, because people would tell me I was fat all the time, and it took away my confidence that even after I lost 34lbs I still felt like something was wrong.

You Are Beautiful

Then I began loving myself, and once I did that it was nothing anyone could say to bring me down. My image is how I look, but it don’t make me who I am. Take back your confidence, tell media to shut up, shut down all negative thoughts, and look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’ am Beautiful”, “I’ am who God said I’ am”, and the world don’t have to like it cause I am me.