Hi! I'm J'Kia

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I'm the Founder of Transparent Progression, Life Coach and Minister

Who is J'Kia

J’Kia Tatum is a graduate from Indiana University Northwest with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. After graduating in 2016 JKia became a Case Manager helping and changing the lives of those whose who has struggled from addictions, and losing their children to the Department of Child services system. In 2019 J'Kia began her journey of studying ministry, and on July 5, 2020 she was announced as a Minister at her church.


J’Kia has worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant for 7 years were she has helped individuals get better. She has also worked as a Teachers Assistant working with individuals who has disabilities. She is passionate about what she does with working with individuals who wants to become better.


Transparent progression is a place where you can seek help and not be judged. When I lost my father in 2018, she helped me get through some very tough times. I can send messages at anytime and she will answer at her earliest convenience. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

-Allison Planes

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What People Are Saying

About J'Kia Tatum

Believe it or not, there are kind and gracious people in this world. People who are willing to reach out to others, even at expense of themselves. One of those people is J'Kia. When you first meet her, it's obvious she is most sincere and genuine. I can honestly say that I have never been more encouraged, nor have I laughed as hard than when she was present. Be assured in the care of this capable and wonderful young woman.

-Keith Comer

J'Kia Bishop Tatum. A blessing in my life, she came in to help me and did something so wonderful she saved me. I take pride in knowing how this wonderful young lady came into my life the way she did and to stay and become such a great friend. I thank you so much for helping me and keeping me in your prayers befreinding me and always keeping it 💯 thank you so much may God keep blessing your ministry also Bishop Imma be ready to sing at the church yes love.

-Sparkle Sturkey

A remarkable teacher who is loving, loyal, dedicated and determined. She has truly helped me turn a corner in my life.

-Eric Bennett

I think you are a great talker and influence. You helped me with a lot.

-Alayah Whiteside

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My Story

Before any of these things; J’Kia had a calling on her life to be able to help those in need. When I 6 years old I began helping raise children, and from there my passion to help those continued. By the age of 12 I was giving advice to my peers and those much older than me. As life went on I had my own down falls such as addictions, physical and mental abuse,  depression, and the list goes on and on. At those moments I felt I had no one to relate to these things, because EVERYONE around me; life seem to be “perfect” (at least that how they acted). I battled with my belief on believing God was real, and then I finally knew He was real. I wondered for years why was my heart so genuine and pure for those in need, and then God told me because it is my purpose in life.

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Becoming A Life Coach

My goal as your Life Coach is not just to help you accomplish that goal, but to stick to it and become a better you. Whatever your goal is you will not accomplish it alone, I’ll be right by your side every step of the way helping you make it through. Through my life experiences I have realized not everything has to be done on your own sometimes you need that one person who has been through it and can help you through it.

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  • Case Management services

  • Helping through depression, and anxiety

  • Physical, mental, and emotional abuse

  • Helping through the suicidal thought

  • Rekindling family bonds

  • Helping troubled adolescents

  • Math tutoring

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